Convert Text to Human Speech and Create Interactive Videos from one Dashboard

Did you know it is the video directories that generate 60% of all the online traffic? The big video giant among them is YouTube. The viewer ship of YouTube goes up by 200% every month. This means that YouTube is visited

Run Live Reaction Campaigns Inside Facebook LIVE Videos with This Stunning App

VoteStream is a unique app (first of its kind actually!) that allows you to run live reaction campaigns inside your Facebook live videos. You know what this means? This means people will react to your content then and there and it

How to Create Stunning PDF eBooks Without Writing a Single Word

If you want to get your message across a wider audience and actually gain loyal followers, then e-book can serve your purpose. Offering a free eBook will help you build a mailing list of potential clients and customer. What’s more is

The Perfect Tool to Spy and Make Facebook Intelligent Ads

Who is the behemoth of the social media world? Of course it is Facebook. Yes, there are other social media platforms like twitter and Instagram. But no matter how many social media platforms we have, none have the amount of users

The Ultimate Answer to your Landing Page Needs- Landing Page Creator

Internet marketing has undoubtedly stretched its horizons far and wide with new entrepreneurs joining the world of online business every single day. Every online business needs an attractive sales page to boost its sale. Everyone has an eye for beautiful things

Super Easy Way to Embed YouTube Videos in Email

Videos are undoubtedly one of the fastest ways to communicate and share content particularly for internet marketers. Videos may be easy to make but the problem arises when it comes to sharing and using them for the purpose of advertising yourself

How to go viral with this world’s complete Facebook Marketing Tool

If online communication is a survival problem for you, then Octosuite is meant just for you. It connects you to the world more and more and if there was any software app that shared your info on social networks faster, it

Learn How to Automate Instagram Marketing with INSTAMATE!

We often see and hear about people making tens and thousands from fan pages, brands and business on Instagram and we are all guilty of wondering, at one time or another about the very possibility of it. Well, with over 400

How To Customize Look and Feel of YouTube Player – Custom YouTube Player

Click Here to Get MonkeyPlayr If you use video in your business then you’ve probably looked at video hosting services like YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia – It pays to look professional right? The reality is paid video hosting is expensive –

Add Photoshop Like Editor Inside WordPress Post and Pages

Images capture the visitor’s attention but the biggest problem with WordPress is, it has terrible outdated Image editing feature. Due to this reason you have to buy image editing software like Photoshop to edit the image and upload it on your