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Email Marketing Web Applications of 2014

Top Free and Paid Email Marketing and AutoResponder Web Applications of 2016

Business communication is the backbone of the success of the business and it is most important and crucial to communicate to your customers. With the revolution of internet it has become easier to communicate everyone in the world and business person
Fiverr Channel

Automate your Fiverr account with IFTTT

IFTTT is a very handy tools for automating social media to home appliances. They are rolling out more channels time by time. Lately IFTTT has rolled out Fiverr Channel for Fiverr buyer and sellers. Related: How to Automate Twitter Account Fiverr do
Enjoy the Friendly Feast by Cover Lock Screen and Twitter

Enjoy the Friendly Feast by Cover Lock Screen

Level of customization in the Android OS is undoubtedly mind-blowing and witness that you are living in the age of cutting edge technology. You might have wished you could have all the superb apps which you need on the lock screen
Facebook Whatsapp

Top 7 Web Technology Acquisitions

1. Facebook Acquired Whatsapp (2014) Whatsapp is an associate degree application (which was based  in 2009 by Two Americans Brian Acton and Jan Koum those were also the CEO) becomes more familiar in the era of Android phones whereas it is also available on
Tesla Motors

Why Tesla Motors will be the Future Market Leader in Car Industry

Tesla Motors, Inc. is US-based Company which designs, manufactures and sells electric cars and electric vehicles power-train components. The weird thing about the Tesla Motors is that neither the company nor its founder have experience in the auto industry and still
Google Plus is not Dead it will be a Need in Near Future-image

Google Plus is Not Dead it will be a Need in Near Future

Does Google+ have future? One word answer is, ‘yes’. Why? Because Google+ knows how to engage people through it. Google Plus will be a need in the near future and you will not be able to run away from this fact.
Learn How To Make Money with Internet Memes

Learn How People are Making Money with Internet Memes

Internet Memes, or just memes for short, has become an internet phenomenon. While the first instances of these memes started back during the dawn of image boards when the internet was still developing and expanding, they had recently received a gigantic
I Love Technology

The Tech Industry Rocks and So Should You

Introduction Technology means the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes.Logically people work for 3 thing profits, cost deduction and for saving their time and it involves modifications and making new tools for simplifying the the things we do and helps
Watch How This Guy Beat The Richest Guy Bill Gates Under 1 Minute

It Took The World’s Best Chess Player One Minute and 19 seconds to Beat The World’s Second Richest Man

It took the world’s greatest chess player just 79 seconds to defeat one of the most successful individuals in the world. Bill Gates wanted to see just how good 23-year-old Magnus Carlsen was, so he challenged him to a match on
Best use of Social Media for Search Engine Optimization

Best use of Social Media for Search Engine Optimization

  SEO,  well it stands for search engine optimization . It is actually means affecting the visibility of a website on a search engine . Earlier the frequency of people visiting a website depended upon the visibility of site on a