How to Upload YouTube Video on Multiple Video Sites on Clicks

If you are a video marketer or a company that provides video marketing to clients and find it time consuming to distribute/syndicate a video to multiple video sites and web 2.0 properties.

If you’re  looking for video distribution system that can help you to upload video on YouTube and distribute the video on multiple video sites like Dailymotion, Vimeo , Blogger , Tumblr and Veoh etc.

Upload YouTube Video on Multiple Video Sites on Clicks:

HydraVid is a cloud based video distribution software allow you to hook your multiple video sites account and helps you to upload and spin multiple videos on unlimited video sites on clicks. You do not need anymore to sign in to your multiple video sites account and upload video individually taking hours.

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video distribution service


  1. Surge your traffic anywhere at anytime – cloud based video distribution service works anywhere with an internet connection -absolutely nothing to download.
  2.  Save your valuable time and effort – do more video marketing in less time and get even better results.
  3. Video marketing made faster and easier – turbo-charge your video marketing productivity by uploading to 40 sites in the same time it would normally take you to upload to one
  4. Multiply your profits by multiplying your traffic – unleash the true profitability of video marketing by distributing your videos far and wide with no extra work
  5. Automatically spin your videos – instantly create a unique
    version of your video for each site
  6. Open up limitless traffic from the best video sharing sites around – upload to unlimited accounts per sites
  7. Fast video syndication software – cloud based technology makes your mass distribution super-fast
  8. Post to multiple sites – and multiple sites at the same time it normally takes you to post to one! = massive time saving!
  9. Unique video creator – no duplicate uploads – ever
  10. Automatic social backlink creator – top rankings (which also means – more traffic!)
  11. No need to download anything – works anywhere with an internet connection

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video distribution system

video distribution software

Easy steps to use this video distribution system:

Step #1: Setup Your Accounts

Step #2: Enter Your Video Details Just ONCE

Step #3: Automatic Video Spinning

Step #4: Upload To Multiple Accounts With Just One Click

Step #5: Automatically Create Those All Important Social Backlinks

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