Run Live Reaction Campaigns Inside Facebook LIVE Videos with This Stunning App

VoteStream is a unique app (first of its kind actually!) that allows you to run live reaction campaigns inside your Facebook live videos. You know what this means? This means people will react to your content then and there and it keeps on updating live in the video. This is going to facilitate more engagement and interaction. Isn’t this is exactly what you need to go viral?


Did you know such campaigns were only possible in one extremely costly subscription app or through custom coded scripts? But not anymore because this amazing app lets you do it all without breaking your bank. This app is a cloud based platform ready to be used and sold to clients.

What does it let you do?

With this amazing app, you can create incredible special offer campaigns with complete video integration consisting of re-targeting, redirects, timers, animate backgrounds etc. It is only few months ago that Facebook came up with a unique technology that hasn’t happened in years. it lets you do LIVE videos. Now what does that mean? That means users can easily stream a video in real-time and be able to communicate with their audience directly through any device at all. They kicked away post engagements and brought in a complete new environment for interacting with each other. Facebook became the new HOT for webinars, hangouts and the marketing landscape in general.


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What makes this app stand out?

Votes and Polls are nothing new on Facebook but all this happening real time is actually new. All you have to do is publish a campaign in this amazing app and the follow few steps in order to be live in Facebook. People will visit your video and vote using Facebook reaction buttons. This makes you go all viral as you start showing up in your visitor’s friends, their newsfeed and other places. This app detects all the actions and updates the count LIVE on screen. Don’t you just love it already? Click here to gain access to this stunning app.

However, there are limitations and problems. Majority of the people are able to stream from their camera and run live videos from their mobiles. The actual marketing potential has not been dug into yet. FB LIVE feature can be used as a medium for broadcasting a remote screen, a webinar tool and much more.

What’s more is that this stunning app lets you supercharge your results without actually emptying your pockets.


4 Simple Steps to Go Viral

Even if you are someone NOT very techy, the good news is it is very easy to use. It doesn’t even require any kind of coding. You are all set to go with these four simple steps:

Create your Video campaign

Go LIVE in your Facebook Page

Simply connect your live VoteStream to your post

You are in for unparalleled viral activity, interaction and engagement.

Some Powerful marketing features

This app is filled with stunning marketing features that lets you get the best of this new Facebook technology. Here are some amazing features:

100% Cloud based dashboard:

You can easily log in and create a Video campaign from anywhere you like. If you want you can set it up to go live remotely by operating from a remote URL.

Custom campaigns:

You can customize your campaigns to suit your taste and style with customizable templates and a huge HD image library. Various styling options are at your disposal to allow you to make new and different campaign styles.

Video backgrounds:

Doesn’t a subtle animated background video grab hold of your attention more than anything else? It sure does and this is the reason this app lets you have video backgrounds. What’s more is that you can also stream audio background music.

Flexible voting methods:

You have the freedom of creating campaigns that show actual votes or reactions counts in number or percentage. That option is up to you. It also comes with a ‘kickstart’ option that lets you give some random ‘early reaction’ to prevent your campaign from looking like a boring campaign with nothing going on.

Builtin Templates

Other VoteStream Features

  • Cloud App
    There are no time consuming installations involved. You can straight away log in and begin creating your campaign. It is really easy to use even for beginners and it is quiet self-explanatory.
  • Unlimited Campaigns
    There are no limits to creating campaigns. You can make as many as you like.
  • Visual Campaign Builder
    you can customize it to your sense of style. You can edit video backgrounds, background images, colors and much more with this campaign builder.
  • Multilingual Front-End
    you can even make campaigns in languages other than English as it comes with full UTF-8 encoding.
  • 2-6 Items
    you can select 2 to 6 items to display in your video and then the users can give their reaction on Facebook.
  • Background Library
    there are tons of HD images available that you can use as your background.
  • Count Display Options
    you have option of choosing how you would like to see the display numbers whether in percentage or place hold numbers in order to kick start your campaign.
  • Post-live Viral
    as soon as your video is over and remains as a post on your page, it keeps on getting likes and comments.
  • Video Backgrounds
    you have the liberty of having video backgrounds to attract more interaction and engagement.
  • Detailed Training
    it comes with a training that lets you know each and everything about running your first campaign along with extra viral tweaks to attain fruitful results.
  • Youzign
    this app is integrated with the leading cloud based design app.
  • Templates
    it provides you with 5 built in templates that you can utilize for your campaigns
  • Personal use rights
    You can make countless campaigns for marketing yourself
  • Real-Time
    real time updates available inside a live Facebook video
  • Zero Monthly Fee

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