5 Wearable Tech Accessories That Will Make Your Travel Trip Easier

Wearable tech accessories are the latest trend that is making the lives of people a lot easier. Wearable tech accessories refer to the smart devices that are small enough to wear yet are technologically powerful to retrieve and display the information about the surroundings. The wearable tech accessories can be easily integrated to your tablet devices and smartphone.

Top 5 wearable tech accessories that make the travel trip easier are:

  1. Smartwatch: It is one of the must-have wearable accessories for the travelers. This accessory can take a load off the busy travelers. Apple and Samsung smartwatch are the two leading names in this category. This accessory allows you to check your phone hands-free. Thus, you will not have to rummage around for the phone. Recently, both Samsung and Apple partnered with Lonely Planet to make hands-free travel guides on the smartwatches. You can also get all the flight details and boarding pass on the watch screen at all the times making it very convenient.
  2. UV Patches: How about wearing an accessory that tracks your sun exposure. The My UV Patch by L’Oreal’s La Roche-Posay is one of the best sun-protective wearables. This patch scans the patch when you wear it to give sun-blocking advice. It also sends you the notification to re-apply the sunscreen on the phone. It is an excellent way to develop good sunscreen habits. The patch itself can last up to three days even throughout swimming and sweating. This device measures your UV exposure in real time and offers you tips on how to protect your skin.
  3. Pilot: It is an instantaneous wearable translation device that helps in saving the time and effort as it translates in real time. This earpiece device can translate up to 15 languages in real-time and features noise-canceling, a Bluetooth transmitter, in-ear microphones, and application of your smartphone. It is a blessing for both leisure and business travelers.
  4. LINQ Wearable charging cable: With this wearable tech accessory you will never have to worry about leaving your charger cable behind. LINQ is a unique combination of a bracelet and charging cable for iPads and iPhones. It comes with a compact portable charging power bank that let you charge your iOS on the go. It is a perfect accessory for people who travel a lot
  5. EasyJet Smartshoes: You can never get lost in these shoes. These shoes help the travelers find their way quickly as you can connect via Bluetooth using an app on the wearer’s smartphone, which is then connected to GPS. The shoes signal the wearer which direction to go through small vibrations in the shoe. So, you need not pull the Google Maps and miss the beautiful sights of the city.

The above mentioned tech accessories will definitely help travelers to enhance their experience. There are a couple of other accessories also, like the tracking device for the suitcase, chic heat coat, and many more that can make your travel trip easier. You can read about them on Savvy Expeditioner and start planning your next trip.

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