Convert Text to Human Speech and Create Interactive Videos from one Dashboard

Did you know it is the video directories that generate 60% of all the online traffic? The big video giant among them is YouTube. The viewer ship of YouTube goes up by 200% every month. This means that YouTube is visited by 1 billion unique users every month and more than 50% of the traffic comes from outside of US.

It is no secret that you cannot set your business sailing without video marketing. However, video marketing requires A LOT of your time. It is extremely time consuming to make videos that changes your viewers into leads. Well you don’t have to waste any more of your time in order create unique videos because you have Video Spin Blaster to do it for you.


What you can do with it?

VSB Pro allows you to make thousands of video only in minutes. Yes minutes. Unbelievable isn’t it? How long will it take you to create a slideshow video with the help of Camtasia which is 10 minutes long and contains 20 slides? It will take you a minimum of 30 to 50 minutes. How much time you take depends on how fast you move on your device. On the other hand, VSB Pro allows you to make a 10 minutes video in less than 2 minutes (just imagine!). You are going to download images and sounds along with adding watermark and text to your video in this two minutes.

With just one click you can create tons of unique videos. When you are making videos using traditional software, they are slow, hard and extremely time consuming. If you happen to be doing YouTube marketing, then you probably know that it is NOT possible to upload the same video many times. Why? Because it detects it as a duplicate. So what now? VSB Pro will let you create many videos from the same slides by randomizing them.

In case, you have already made a video using a certain software, it will spin it for you. Spinning a video means it will make tons of unique copies of the video to prevent YouTube detecting it as a duplicate. This video tool re-encodes videos with a unique algorithm and alters random color pixels to make the video seem different for YouTube.

What is so HOT about it?

This video tool can be used by anyone who has no technical skills at all. For a video to rank better, video tags, description and title have to be given special consideration. There are many other things that YouTube considers while ranking a video. YouTube happens to read text from you video and ranks it. Secondly adding speech text enhances your ranking in YouTube search engine. Guess what? You can do this directly using this video tool. You can change text to audio and let it be a part of your background audio for the video.


Superb Features

1)  Video Creator
It just takes few clicks to create and render videos. You don’t have to wait forever to render because the system let you render 10 minutes long HD videos in even less than a minute.

2) All in One Dashboard
Create interactive high converting video without going anywhere. VBS has builtin option to download images and royalty free sounds. You can create hundreds of video in hours and can monitize with adsense, promote local service or sell affiliates products.

3) Text To Speech
You can make voice over video with the help of built-in text to speech feature which is not like a robotic voice. You have the liberty of adding custom text and audio on each of the slides.

4) Mass Watermark
The video watermark feature can be used to water mark a folder of videos. This will prevent anyone from stealing your video. It just takes few clicks to create watermark and protect your videos from theft.

5) Video Spinner
This means its will generate thousands of unique copies of the same video file preventing YouTube from considering it as a duplicate.

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