How to Create Stunning PDF eBooks Without Writing a Single Word

If you want to get your message across a wider audience and actually gain loyal followers, then e-book can serve your purpose. Offering a free eBook will help you build a mailing list of potential clients and customer. What’s more is that it is going to let your audience or customers know that you have the skills, resources and knowledge. There are tons of tools out there that you can utilize to organize, write, style and publish eBooks.


It may not be that hard to make your eBook and publish it but there are many things that require your attention before you get to the production process. Some of the attention-requiring things include who is your target audience, where you wish to sell or promote it and things that will affect the success of your eBook. It is here that Designrr is going to be of great help.

What is so hot about Designrr?

It lets you make eBook and Lead magnet in only 30 seconds and that too without letting you write a single word. This app has rid you of two major obstacles when making an eBook: Writing the content and getting it designed. Wait, but how? With this tool you can create eBook from any website. All you have to do is get the URL and with two clicks you are done. Then your eBook is ready to increase leads by creating a lead magnet, be sold and monetized, drive traffic form slide share and other pdf sites along with allowing you to re-purpose your content.

It is no secret that an eBook of your blog post or some of your best posts can serve as a great lead magnet. However, it is quiet time consuming. Yes you can outsource it but again it costs a lot and ends up breaking your bank. With this exceptional online tool, you can make beautiful eBooks or lead magnets using one or more web pages. It efficiently cancels out the adverts, navigation, social icons, side bars and brings to you a clean content that you need.

Business growth requires growing your list but how can you persuade your visitors to submit their email? The perfect way of doing this is by offering a lead magnet for submitting their emails. Making a lead magnet that goes with your blog post will increase your optin conversation rate by two times.

Secondly, publishing a book requires a lot of patience. You need to take out time to sit down and write but hey you already have all that material on different blogs and websites. You can simply combine it together create eBooks from blog posts. Don’t worry, when you add multiple web pages or blog posts your entire book still looks the same with the same formatting and style throughout. It doesn’t matter if the page belongs to some other blog.

Check This Ebook Creator Software in Action:

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How to use it?

1) Get hold of a URL


This tool will work with any website at all. All you have to do is enter the URL you need to begin a project. It will begin loading the content in the background while paying no heed to sharing icons, adverts and site navigation. It will cancel out things that you don’t need in your eBook.

2) Select a Template


You have 12 project templates to choose from. You have all the freedom to customize it entirely late on by changing fonts, images or style.

3) Customize


Now here is where you can let loose your wild imagination. You can make changes that go with your style. For instance, you can upload your own images or add images from the tool’s copyright free image search. You can also go on to add a call to action, change the cover, add foots or header or change font styles.

4) Publish


All it takes is just one click to make a beautiful pdf. The pdf also remains in your account giving you the liberty to access it whenever you like or even download it into your system.

Some Stunning Features

1) Unlimited Images


You have the freedom to search through copyright free images from Unsplash or upload your own if you want. You can add a cover image or simply add images wherever you want in your content. That’s not it. you even have an image editor at your disposal which allow you to add Instagram style effects to your images.

2) Availability of Instant Project Templates


The 12 completely customizable project templates will get you going in just one single click. Each template comes with a cover image, font selection along with header and footer styling option. You can make changes in the editor. It doesn’t matter whether you are techy or not. You can easily use it whether you happen to be a beginner or advanced user.

3 Make your book amazing


You can unleash your creativity with access to 720 google fonts. Then there are 21 font and color styles. You can easily change with just one click. You can keep making changes till the writer in you to be completely satisfied.

4) Great customer support


You will find a full video training to help you get started and let you move as you get stuck. If that’s not your thing, then you chat with them directly regarding any issue that you are facing.

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