Find Out Why Hand Coder Exceeds Expectations Over Site Builders

Often we can see many software apps which are useful to build impressive websites in less time. These days on every social media platform we come across many such applications. The worthy fact is, if you choose to develop websites in this manner then you are going to get all the templates. But there are many reasons where we think that coding by developers is preferred and even doing well when compared to these website builders.

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1. Gain Proper Control Over Requirements:

Very few of us know that when we are using the website builders, the source code is going to get converted into meta data. With this, in the future when we want to change to a different hosting, then it will be difficult for us. At that moment, you have to even spend more budget right from reconstructing every single page and their functionality. On the other hand when the developer does the coding you will have proper control and can even reuse the source code whenever changes or business expansion is done.

2. You Can Give Unique Experience to Customers:

Templates are generally used by the people who ever want to build their websites using the software and you there is nothing stunning for the customers. As a result for sure there will be fewer leads as the visitor is not getting impressed for anything. So either try to get the customized websites or else spend some extra time and money to get hand coding where the results are always assured.

3. Free WYSIWYG sites Are Way Costlier:

We generally think that the WYSIWYG websites are not costlier, but do you know that there are many restrictions coming in the disguise of the price? Yes either you have to do promoting for getting your website built from them. Or else you have to pay the additional price to get rid of all the restriction which they lay. Here for the same price you can even get complete hosting manually.

4. Iterating Code is Not Easy for Website building Softwares:

You will be truly amazed when you are getting the entire website in less time with the help of the software builders. And at the same moment, you will be confused and helpless when you need to make changes to the website. There is no scope to change the directory components and as well to change the PHP code for any sort of encryption. This is not the case while you are making use of the services of the developers.

5. Developer Enhances His Expertise and Codes Better:

While making changes and enhancing the functionality of the website, the challenges which a developer faces will increase. It is here in a short time he will be able to be creative in coding and can complete things soon besides coming up with creative solutions. The customers will gain interest and this helps you to make more sales and to win over the completion of the market.

6. Don’t Give A chance to Clients to Point You:

When you are not creating websites of your own, for sure there will be many flaws. All these will be the factors for the clients to reduce their opinion in what they choose. For this reason why do you want to give a chance to customers? On the other hand while you are not doing your work of having a perfect website done by yourself, how to you expect others to believe you and to get your services? All these are the ways which stop you from thriving. So it is always preferred to host your website by the hand coder.

7. It’s Pretty Difficult To Understand Others Source code:

Integrating the code and changing the functionality will not be that easy while you are reusing the code written by others. But when you are using your own it takes less time to make changes and to use it in better way. You even can’t expect what are all the problems which you are going to face in the future. When you find a bug or will have to worry what if the bug comes, all these are the negative aspects which will be changing the way you look at your business services. You have to compromise with the existing design, complications and then have to stick to it.

8. Third Party Code Creates Loads of Hassles and Less Efficient:

The source code of the website building software’s will have huge Meta data which is hard to understand. There are even multiple URL which is helpful for the code and as well few for the sake of advertising. So this results in many technical issues and you really don’t know which module is dependent. Having less and useful code is more functional and hassle free to maintain and efficient.

9. Templates Code is Never Secure:

It’s a treat for the hackers when you are using the same third party code. As here there will be a lot of similarity in the code and it will be very easy for them to hack it. For this reason, always the professionals say that own code is the most secure thing which you can ever use.

The above mentioned are the nine major problems which we get while depending on the WYSIWYG. So try to get the code hand build and you can reward yourself multiple times to the budget which you spend here. Even though you may pay less to the software’s for the code, for sure there will be hundreds of problems in the lurk irritating you every now and then. In the long run again you have to invest a lot of amount to get the proper and robust coding from the developers. So avoid all these problems and get the services from the experienced and meticulous coder.

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