Get your own 3d Printed Iron Man Suit

Iron Man Suit

In the past recent years there has been several attempts to come up if the same suit as of the Iron Man, including an Iron Man helmet which actually opens up and closes but with the nod of the head. Yeah, it`s really a cool project and all, but what happens when someone sets out with a vision to roll out actually with full parts of the Iron Man suit?? This is where pending $2000 will be able to own you your own Iron Man suit from the five thousand Iron Man suits, which will enter mass production when once enough demand is available.

If you feel that you doesn`t have enough space in your living room there is also a more affordable idea what you have to do is just pay $1,299 for the Iron Man helmet which will be 3D printed. If you happen to have $34,000 lying around you and have no idea how to invest it, so what should you do?? Just invest those monies in Iron Man suit and you will get 5 3D printed Iron Man suit, once enough orders are available it will take another 6 to 8 months of production. The suit is not actually smart enough to fly the actual owner.

3d Printed Iron man Suit 2


3d Printed Iron man Suit
The suit is actually made of 3D printed parts and comes with metal joints. A helmet that slides over your face and an LED powered fake arc reactor placed at the middle of the chest plate.

Technical Specification:

The suit is crafted with an iron and carbon and does feature the iconic red/gold Iron Man design. The Mark XLVII headset features holographic technology to control the suit and includes the system updates and commands. Powered by 1000 watt lithium battery situated at the center of the chest, thus giving the appearance of the arc-reactor.
To get maximum battery life, two light weighted battery packs are located on the hips of the suit, like the arc-reactor battery pack, these are rechargeable.


With all these things you can not only become an Ironman but also feel like the same with such good technical specifications that it comes with.

Update: currently not taking any order due to License issue with Marvel

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