How to go viral with this world’s complete Facebook Marketing Tool

If online communication is a survival problem for you, then Octosuite is meant just for you. It connects you to the world more and more and if there was any software app that shared your info on social networks faster, it has to be Octosuite.


OctoSuite has been made by Luke Maguire and his team. Luke is famous for other popular tools like Instamate, Viral Autobots, LiveLeap and Social Autobots. There are many other solutions that claim to help you manage social media but none will give you the results and quality that you are expecting.

You can easily generate new leads, improve the way you manage social media and boost user engagement with this latest and most professional mass automation and social media management tool.

Facebook is the big dog of social media and that cannot be denied in any way. It is exactly where you will find the most audience. If you are trying to build your business with social media, then it should be Facebook. And Luke Maguire has cracked the code of complete Facebook domination.

The Best Thing about Octosuite

The Best thing about this Facebook Marketing Software is that it lets you automate tasks very quickly which is a source of great convenience and who wouldn’t wish for an automated Facebook marketing tool. You can easily automate your overall user experience by giving attention to each and every detail whether minute or big.

It also rids you of the need to hire social media managers. It simply makes your fans post the trending content for you. It casts a magic of ranking high in search engines and letting you become viral.

With OctoSuite, you don’t have to waste your precious time in updating the status of posts of your fan pages and groups as this tool takes cares of it. It will send you changes on these pages automatically. It lets you send anything you want to your fan pages and groups to update on social networks. It is the first tool that lets you enjoy all these benefits.

It has a very user friendly interface and comes with guidelines. Within few minutes, it allows you to increase the exposure of your business and also increase your sales.

Discover Trending Content


The content finder lets you look for content and ongoing trends on different networks like:

  • Facebook: It enables you to look for popular Facebook fan pages according to your niche. Simply enter the keyword and the software will bring to you a list of pages that are popular in your niche. You can also look for links, images and videos on fan pages. You simply have to enter the ID or URL of a fan page and the software will provide you with the most popular posts.
  • Twitter: Similarly, you can also check out trends on twitter using the software. This will be according to the location rather than the keyword. The software will show you the most trending hashtags around the world. Then you have a choice of filtering it on the basis of your location. This software allows you to choose a location on the map and you will be provided with the trends accordingly.
  • YouTube: You can also find the list of trending videos on YouTube on the basis of both location and keyword.
  • Reddit : The trending content can be looked for on Reddit on the basis of keyword. Simply enter your desired keyword according to your niche and the software will bring to you the trending posts.

The heart of the software

Simply schedule all the posts to all your Facebook Fan Page where you are the admin. Moreover, you can post to Facebook groups where you are their member.

For instance, you can upload an image, add a link and content. Next, select the page or pages/ group or groups where you want to post and then you have an option of posting it immediately or scheduling it. To schedule it, you need to enter a date or time when you want it to be posted and it will be posted to all your fan pages at once.



For example, you can choose the pages in beauty niche and simply create a content to be posted. The software will post this content in all the pages. You just have to create the post. This will save plenty of your time. It is a perfect  Facebook Group Posting App. In case you want to post your videos or photos at 6:00 am but you are sleeping at that time or probably busy, you can simply schedule it while you are busy with some other work.

How Can This Facebook Marketing Tool Help You?

Update one content on a lot of pages: you can simply choose one photo or content and post it on many pages at once.

Get an understanding of trending content globally: no matter what your niche is, this tool allows you to fill yourself with the contents that are newest and trending currently on social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Sync your feed to external social networks: this app allows you to link all your social media with each other. In case you post a picture on Facebook, it will also appear on other social media networks like Twitter and YouTube.

Instantly post whatever you want on any page: All you have to do is select the fan pages and groups where you want to post your text, photo or video and simply click ‘ok’.

Check This Software in Action

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Worth mentioning Pros

  • It has tons of great features.
  • You can upload as many posts as you want and schedule them.
  • Easy to use web app and well designed.
  • Offers you training in case you don’t understand how it works.
  • 100% money back guarantee.
  • You can post on all your pages at once.
  • You will have no problem posting, uploading, scheduling, and finding viral content.
  • It is a FB approved automated software that lets you get involved with the users of hottest social networks.
  • Upload, Research, Edit or Post in seconds
  • No monthly fees
  • Simply set and forget as you don’t have to worry about posting content again and again.

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