Here’s Everything You Need to Know to Automate Your Twitter Account

With the world now literally residing on the fast lane, Automation has become a privilege to the ones that can get their hands on it. In the quest of awareness and updates, finding yourself left behind is an option not affordable to be opted anymore. Along with Twitter being one of the Star apps of Social Media, multiple tech companies have had a much heated competition against one another to bring to the market a software that can not only keep your Twitter on the run by attracting more followers, but also win the loyalty and attention of those followers.

Transforming trends of Twitter Automation with This Revolutionary Software

Behold! Your life is about to change – Transforming trends of Twitter Automation with This Revolutionary Software

In a world where fame is a road where tactful driving is much needed to reach your destination, WP Tweet Machine has made life easier by coming up with a 100% Autopilot software. So now you can not only get unlimited Twitter followers but also 100% real Email leads, directly from twitter, without even having to press a single button! It is twice as fast and works for a Twitter account in any niche. Yes, you could now get real targeted followers through automatic content posting to twitter accounts. Trust issues? This Beta tested software saves a massive amount of your time by posting the content your followers are looking forward to.

And that’s not all…

The best part about this software is that it can directly insert lead capture forms directly inside twitter to bring home only the best targeted leads, every single day, FOR FREE!

What can you do with all these email addresses and followers, you ask? The possibilities are endless and worth grasping since you can promote Affiliate or Amazon products, High ticket coaching programs or even CPA offers. You spend absolutely nothing and increase the number of your followers to more than 1200! You can then make money by promoting those offers to those very same followers.

Complete Automation.

There has never before been a software with such a high level of automation, content curation, email lead generation and last but not the least; audience building. All a part of an enormous package!

What this software is doing is basically finding people in your niche and engaging with them, auto retweeting their content, marking it as favorite and a few other natural activities that users do on twitter. This is done extremely randomly and at a low enough frequency that it appears like a real human being

How does it work?

It is insane how something that saves so much time is as easy as ABC and you don’t need to turn on your computer whole day to run this software. So after you install and activate this WordPress plugin on your website here are 4 easy steps you follow:

Step 1. Go to the campaign section and create a new campaign. Add a few settings to connect the plugin to the twitter account that you want to grow.

Step 1

Step 2. This step is to add some content sources, like YouTube video channels and some relevant keywords and images right from within the plugin, so that the content posting can be automated to feed your account.

Step 2.

Step 3. This step is about adding twitter Opt-in cards that can be used to actually capture leads from your twitter account. This software will then build you list on complete automation.


Finally, add some relevant hashtags for your niche and TURN the campaign ON.

There! You now have a software that will operate on its own.

Complete Automation

Is your profile losing its human and relying on artificial intelligence too much?

Only if you let it! You could still post stuff on your own as well as automated posts to save your time when you can’t. Without any manual work from you, this software can post the content you would have posted yourself! Where Tweet machine 2.0 is taking things to the highest level of automation that can ever be imagined, it is also bringing the followers of your choice, and they are all real people too. Point being, you’re controlling everything!

The advantages.

Your followers will be liking and sharing content created by this software on your account, helping you engage even more. Almost any kind of content can be furnished upon your request.

If you’re still processing the information here are the key reasons why you should really go for this product:

  1. Massive time-saving.
  2. One software to handle everything to help avoid hassle.
  3. Save the money you’d otherwise spend on advertising and marketing!

Take the next step, download the software and sit back and relax to enjoy your ride from a few number of followers to thousands of them!

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