How to Send Facebook Personal Message Automatically Who Comment on Your Post

Do you wanna run a successful business through your Facebook page? Do you wish to connect with your customers who visit your page? Credi Response is a Facebook marketing software that makes it possible for you to interact with your customers, the way you have never done before. Anytime, a visitor comes on one of the posts on your Facebook page, Credi Response will send him/her a private reply, automatically.

It assists your customers who are usually in search of details. When they drop a comment on your posts, the software sends them a detailed personalized message with their very own name. The message it sends is designed by you, so you can add any information you like your customers to know when they first reach you.

Be a Facebook Marketing Pro By Engaging Your Customers

Are you thinking what if the message goes to the “other messages” folder that’s somewhat hidden? No, that never happens. The software is designed to send a personalized inbox message along with an audible pop-up sound. So, there is no way your customer misses that message; you’re safe!

How to Send Facebook Personal Message Who Comment on Your Post

How To Use Credi Response?

Now, lemme tell you how this shockingly amazing software works and how you can engage your customers through it.

1)  Sign in to the Software

When you have downloaded the software, first you need to sign up and make an account. Once you own an account, sign in every time you wish to use it.

2) Load Your Page to the Dashboard

  • On the left-hand side navigation bar, there is an option “Facebook Pages.” Go to that option and it will show the pages you have already added.
  • If you want to add a page, go to the blue button that reads “Add FB Page.”
  • If you haven’t given the software an access to your Facebook, it will ask you for the permission. Give it the permission, so that you can proceed further.
  • As soon as you give it the permission, it will show you all the pages you are managing. Select the page(s) you want to add and click on the green button on the right-hand side that reads “Add Page.” It is as simple as that! The page is added to your account and you can personalize the settings anytime you want.

How To Set A Response?

Now, when you go the option “Facebook Pages” on the left-hand side navigation bar on the main pane, you can see the pages you have added. With each page, there is an option “View Posts,” by clicking on which, you can see all the posts on your page. You can scroll through each post you have added since the beginning. Go to “Set A Response” option that is given at the end of each post. It will move you to the next window where you can type in the message you wish to send the customers who drop a comment on that very post.

How To Set A Response

You can use the “Personalization Options” given at the left-hand side of the window. Use them to add the full name, last name, first name, date of the week, or date. It works like C language. Use the specific code given and the message shows the original names and dates, instantly.

For example, I wish to add the first name of my customers, I will write the message as “Hi {firstname}… You are reading a post on Credi Response.” It will automatically add the first name of the customer. So, it’s really an amazing way to get engaged with the customer.

Also, you can add a delay by using the “Delay” option below the “Type Your Response Here” box. If you want the message to be sent right after the comment, select “no delay.” However, if you want it to be sent after a gap, you can select the options from 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and so on up to 60 minutes.

How to Send Facebook Personal Message Who Comment on Your Post Automatically in Inbox

Check Software in Action

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Manage Further Settings

Further settings can be managed at the right-hand side with the “Settings” option.

  • If you uncheck the option “Respond to 2nd level comments,” the sender will not get the message. Make sure to check it if you want to send a response to your customers.
  • Your customers won’t like to get a message again and again. So make sure you have checked the option “Respond only once.”

How To See Page Activities?

Now, the next time when you sign in after arranging all the settings, you can see the page activities on the main pane. There are three broad categories where the activities are shown.

How To See Page Activities

  • Page Activity that shows all the data on your page through a pie-chart.
  • Daily Activity that graphically represents the page activity of each day.
  • Latest Activity shows the people who have recently commented on your Facebook posts. You can click on each response and see more details about them on Facebook, too.

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