How to Automatically Bulk Invite Anyone Who’s Ever Liked Your Facebook Post

Have you built a Facebook page and can’t increase likes for it? Do you wish to increase your sales by promoting your page?

Faninviter is a plugin that enables you to invite people who have ever liked or responded to your post.

You can convert your post-likers to the page-likers by inviting them to like your page automatically. As a result, your likes increase, which enhances your promotion. You will get to know how it lets you do so as the article unfolds.How to Automatically Invite Anyone Who’s Ever “Liked” Your Facebook Post

How Does it Work?

Your future posts won’t appear on the timeline of the people who has already liked your post. To keep them aware of your activities, you must make them like your page. But the question is how will you do that? It’s a simple three-step process

  • Invite: First you invite as many people as you want without even spending time on Facebook
  • Engage: Then, you engage the people you have invited by keeping them aware of your future posts.
  • Convert: Likes are directly proportional to sales. The more the likes, the more will be your customers.


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Now, let’s talk about how these three steps work. First of all, download and install the plugin. Make sure you download the one that is compatible with your browser. Since I use Chrome, so I have the Chrome plugin. Once downloaded and installed, move forward.

I am pretty sure you are well aware of Facebook use, right? When you post something, you can see the list of people who has liked or reacted to it. You just have to go the list of likers and reactors as you check when you post something on your own timeline. In front of every responder, you will see an “Invite” button. This is the Faninviter application that asks you to invite those people. Now, you must be thinking how time-consuming it is to invite them all individually? That’s not a problem! You should only send personal invitations if you want to avoid someone in the list. On top of the list, there is an “Invite all” button. Hit that and an invitation to the whole list will be sent, automatically.

If the list is long, then wait patiently. It takes a few seconds to send an invitation to a bunch of people. Since it ensures no one in the list is left behind, the process takes time. After a few seconds, you will see a pop-up notification at the bottom right that reads ‘Initiation sent to ___ people.” The number of people depends on the number of responders.

That’s it! Try it with all of your posts and increase the number of likes on your page. Remember, it’s not a onetime thing to do. The more you do the more chances of increasing your sales. A handsome amount of Facebook page owners are using this plugin, and the reviews are just amazing. Facebook page is the most widely used social media website and making a successful page is of supreme importance for business owners nowadays.

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