How To Customize Look and Feel of YouTube Player – Custom YouTube Player

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If you use video in your business then you’ve probably looked at video hosting services like YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia – It pays to look professional right? The reality is paid video hosting is expensive – Some months (with popular videos) hosting fees on Wistia can run into thousands of dollars – Which is all fine and dandy if it’s a sales video and you’re raking in the cash on a launch

YouTube is great… But for marketers, the standard embedded video players lack some essential, key features, look and feel we need and adding them ‘as is’ to your sales pages, landing pages or even your blog posts looks a little unprofessional.

With MonkeyPlayr(100% YouTube Compliant) You can add any video from YouTube with custom youtube player on your website or blog with all the cool features for free like the big video hosting companies charge thousands of dollars monthly.

What You Can Do with MonkyPlayr:

  1. Custom YouTube player with multiple skins and custom YouTube play button
  2. Custom YouTube embed option
  3. You can change exact start and end time of any YouTube video
  4. Easily set videos to autoplay when someone visit your website which is important for sales and squeeze pages
  5. Remove the YouTube logo from the player for the clean look
  6. Set loop on your YouTube Video to repeat
  7. Get rid of distracted options like related videos, info boxes and annotations
  8. Add security to the video with “https”
  9. Make your video look clean by forcing them to display on 720p and 1080p resolution
  10. Set custom width and height of the videos or set them in responsive mode to automatically adjust on all the devices
  11. Hide Player controls or disable full screen
  12. Centralized Dashboard to remotely control and customize look and feel of any YouTube video on your website or blog
  13. It also work fine for any self hosted video hosted on amazon or any other server
  14. Works with all type of website like Shopify, OptimizePress, Html, ProfitBuilder, Medium, Wix etc


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