How to Bulk verify and validate email addresses list before sending email campaigns

Do you really want to pay to send messages to non-existent email addresses? Do you want to send a mail that is never going to be opened or clicked at? I have got you something that is going to reduce your email marketing costs and boost your email profits by a whopping 250%.

Desktop based email list cleaning & management software that helps boost deliverability & profits. It gives a makeover to your email deliverability strategy with the most powerful list cleaning and management app! ListJanitor is one stop solution to your email deliverability strategy.

How to verify and validate email addresses list before sending email campaigns

ListJanitor is a powerful desktop software that helps you clean your list on your desktop computer itself.

Autoresponders like Aweber, Mailchimp, Getresponse etc do not allow import of unclean lists. So unless your list is clean, properly segmented and has no invalid emails, spam traps, role email addresses, you will not make it.

With this powerful email list verification software you can Import your lists Into Autoresponders Easier and don’t get banned by SMTP services by keeping your list clean.

Check this Email List Cleaning Software in Action

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  • Clean your list on your desktop computer without paying a costly list-cleaning service.
  • Take up any old or new list and clean / segment it in no time.
  • Removes duplicate emails from single or multiple lists.
  • Removes role emails & spam traps.
  • Verifies domain validity (mail server validity)
  • Verifies each email address exists using SMTP technology.
  • Lets you merge lists, find common or unique addresses from multiple lists, and segment lists easily.
  • Filter and manage email lists on a number of parameters easily.
  • Create list segments or sub lists on nearly any parameter you want. (Pro Version)
  • Import and manage your list from any autoresponder including Aweber, Getresponse, etc. with a CSV file.
  • Generate CSVs that you can import into any autoresponder and also use on SMTP services.

Here’s why it’s an absolute must tools if you are looking at maximizing your email marketing profits:

  1. Bring back your old and dying list to life by purifying it.
  2. If you want to import your lists into an autoresponder (Autoresponders do not import unclean lists).
  3. Improves your deliverability and reduces your expense.
  4. Reduces your email marketing costs
  5. Improves your email delivery

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