Learn How to Automate Instagram Marketing with INSTAMATE!

We often see and hear about people making tens and thousands from fan pages, brands and business on Instagram and we are all guilty of wondering, at one time or another about the very possibility of it.

Well, with over 400 million active users, engagement levels 52 times higher than Facebook and 172 times greater than Twitter, Instagram- the world’s fastest growing social network, is a treasure-trove of opportunities. Many by the likes of Kylie Jenner have come to know about Instagram’s business potential and have made Millions in no more than a year; by advertising and selling Lip Kits and body scrubs from their Instagram page. To give you a perspective, Frank Body, a body scrub company started at the back of a coffee shop in Melbourne, turned itself into a 20 million dollar company in mere 18 months.  And hopefully, by the time you are done reading through this, you too will learn how to easily tap into Instagram’s market and make tens and thousands in revenue for yourself!


Step 1- Get Instamate!

Where earning from Instagram is definitely possible, it is a rather long and calculated process; should you do it manually. And the biggest hindrance is perhaps the fact that Instagram only works on smartphones and within its limited capacity. This dramatically slows you down the whole process and keeps you from making a steady income from the application. For instance, Imagine having to find content, sync it to your phone, download multiple third-party tools to edit photos and set alarms of when to post at prime times in hope that it would go viral after all this work and then do the same for all your other accounts. That’s seems like a terrible process to deal with, however, there’s a workaround which not only speeds up the process but adds a ton of functionality and ease of access to it. And that’s Instamate!


“It’s a true game changer.” That’s what hundreds who have made a fortune out of Instagram, have to say about Instamate – a revolutionary web software to bring Instagram to find, edit, upload, schedule, engage, and monetize the most viral content to your Instagram accounts totally automatically!

What it means is that this web-software brings Instagram to the ease of your computer screen and adds a whole lot of functionality to it to enable you to automatically make five and six figures out of it.


1- Instantly find the most viral content in any niche
2- Automate Instagram Marketing and entire months post in seconds from your computer
3- Find most viral hashtags in your niche and instantly drive organic traffic to your updates
4- Use multiple Instagram accounts
5- Directly upload your own content
7- Keep a check on what your competitors are doing
8- See what’s trending on not only Instagram but also other social networks
9- Use your own IP Address
10- Work on any Pc or MAC given its cloud based functionality

Step 2- Automate Instagram Marketing and Get Earning!


Yes, it’s really that simple! Once you get Instamate on your computer, you will breeze through the setup and be all set to see your accounts thrive and money pour in mere clicks! It will not only allow you to instantly manage & schedule updates for your multiple Instagram accounts, from your computer but also ascertain that all your content goes viral instantly with; shooting your organic reach into millions.

Now that you know the secret to effortlessly making tens and thousands from Instagram, all you need now to head on your business venture is a can-do attitude and smart investment plans to make the most of it.


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