Learn How People are Making Money with Internet Memes

Internet Memes, or just memes for short, has become an internet phenomenon. While the first instances of these memes started back during the dawn of image boards when the internet was still developing and expanding, they had recently received a gigantic boost in 2010. But what exactly are memes, you ask?

Learn How To Make Money with Internet Memes

What are memes?

By definition, these internet memes are an image, idea, action or style that has gone viral throughout the internet. These replications are often a mimicry or spoof of what they initially were, often in an attempt to imitate the basic concept but allowing it to change in order to make it more relevant (and often funnier) to whatever audience that is viewing it. Why should this be of any relevance to you? Well simply put, these memes can make you quite a bit of money.

How are they earning money?

Due to the sheer amount of popularity these memes receive, people often click on a meme image they find on some social media website or image board. That meme image redirects their browser to the poster’s personal WordPress website that also contains numerous other meme images, allowing the clicker to explore and continue clicking on even more memes. Since these people have entered that website and are viewing all that the website has to offer, that website can receive quite a lot of hits, allowing the maker of the website to cash in on his websites popularity by allowing ads to be placed on his website. Thus, he entertains his website viewers and he makes money from people who have bought ad space on his website. It is a Win-win situation!

Step by step guide to making money using memes


Step by step guide to making money using memes

If you have liked the idea so far, then look no further, this guide alone will help you start making money using memes. Read on to find out how!

1.   Choosing a WordPress Meme Template and Plugins:

After choosing WordPress as your web domain and signing up to get a website, first thing is first, you have to find yourself a suitable Meme template. Something that will show case all your best memes, allowing to you to pull as many people to your website as you can. There are thousands to pick from, so you can get as creative as you like. Just remember not to underdo or overdo it, anything in excess can harm your business.

If you wish for your website to show off your main memes upfront, go for a website with a theme similar to this: Meme World WordPress Theme

However, if you want the commonly used, but still effective, scroll and discover on your own, style of website, try something like this:

Now, it is time to get some cool plugins that add functionality to your website. These allow your site to either have your own meme builder, or a special meme-type web widget and many more. Here is a list to help you get started off: http://wordpress.org/plugins/tags/meme

However, you can find many more if you take the time to browse the internet and make your site unique.

2.  Monetizing your site using ads network:

Now here comes the fun/hard part, making money using your (hopefully) famous website. You will do this by renting out parts of your website to people who are willing to pay you in order to advertise their product/services on your site. If your site gets a lot of hits, people will undoubtedly also notice the ads, and a few of them may even be clicked on. This is exactly what companies want when they buy space on your ad. It works to your advantage because you get paid!

There are multiple ways you can get advertisers on your website. First off, you can promote an affiliate product on your site. These aren’t technically adds because a person that has clicked on that ad needs to buy a product in order for you to get a commission, but it is a great starting place. You can post a banner promoting their services or even have a few funny memes promoting it, anything to get your audience to also buy your affiliate company’s products.

Another technique is using Google’s AdSense. Google can really help out if your website has started to run. All you have to do is sign up for their program (which is completely free by the way) and Google will send you ads that are personalized for your website in order for you to show on your site.

Lastly, you can also go the tradition route and ask companies if they would like your site to advertise for them. Be prepared to give them any information they ask from you such as your site traffic, where you get your meme images, etc. This type of ad gaining can be very beneficial as all of the financial details are worked between you two directly, however if you wish to pursue this type of ad gaining, it is best if your website already has quite a number of visitors, so you can be at a better position to bargain.

3. Promoting yoursite using social media:

Now that all the tough work is out of the way, all that is left now is promoting your website to increase your traffic. It is best if you use a wide array of social media sites such as StumbleUpon, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Tumbler to ensure maximum viewability.

You should create a page dedicated to your site on each of these and update them regularly with new links to memes so that you can redirect people to your website. You should also add social media share buttons bellows your memes so that people can share them to their own friends and simultaneously do half your work for you, allowing your traffic to increase with each share.

If this keeps up, not only will your site traffic keep increasing, but so will your payroll. It is no wonder there are so many meme websites out there. Now you can join in on the fun as well! So get out there and start making money!


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