Learn How to Spy and Reverse Engineer Competitor Facebook Ads Strategy

Facebook is killing post reach day by day and to sell your product on Facebook is totally paid to play game despite having thousand of Fans. Before starting to sell your product through Facebook Ads the most import part is the research about your audience and content you can use for the best results. What if I provide you a database software with old and currently running facebook ads you can reverse engineering and choose best targeting to generate more sales and more ROI.

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What you can do with this Software:

    • Spy on your competitors Facebook ads.
    • Search from over 300,000 Dark Post News Feed Ads. More added every week
    • Quickly discover what kind of ads are working and which ones aren’t
    • Test your niche idea to see whether it will be profitable or not.
    • Split test and check ads with country, age, sex and other demographics
    • Get clear data on what’s driving likes, shares and comments.
    • Easily create winning and profitable Facebook ad campaigns even if you have no experience at all
    • Discover profitable Teespring campaigns and niches.
    • Discover profitable Shopify campaigns and niches.
    • Discover profitable fan pages
    • Replicate and reverse engineer profitable and high CTR ads: ads copy, images and even landing page
    • Spy on right-side ads, sponsored posts, mobile ads
    • Save time and money on testing failed ads campaign
    • Sell anything on Facebook and never loose a dime trying to test ads – simply reverse engineer what’s already working

More New Features:

1. Ads with reactions

New ads will have the new format of Likes with reactions and we are going to include filters so you can search based on these reactions and find your ads.

2. Video ads
We have included a new tab which is for Video sponsored ads. The database will be growing every day with Video ads from all the countries.

3. Specific accurate interests
We are working hard to ensure that we will display on each ad the specific interests that advertisers are using for their campaigns. This feature is requested by a lot of users and finally, we found the way.

Learn How to Spy and Reverse Engineer Competitor Facebook Ads Strategy

Spy on your competitors Facebook ads

Click Here to Access this Software


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