Learn How to Upload YouTube Video To Facebook Page Automatically Without Downloading

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No Doubt, Videos are the future But you’re mistaken if you think the future of video is YouTube. If you are an agency or Individual running multiple Facebook page and always find it time consuming to upload YouTube Video on your Facebook pages then this cool software will upload any YouTube Video on Facebook Page natively automatically without downloading YouTube video. This FB trick which gets you WAY more Facebook traffic without actually using Facebook.

Auto Upload Video Youtube to Facebook

A new approach comes in, that uses the Facebook API to transfer videos from YouTube. When you transfer videos this way, they aren’t devalued. It’s really simple, powerful and keeps you ahead of the competition. Facebook now rewards videos uploaded directly onto It’s own platform instead of YouTube videos.How does it reward you?

1. Higher impressions
2. Ability to track videos
3. More views = bigger custom audiences to retarget!

So it’s been established that when using video marketing on Facebook, you should be using native FB videos instead of YouTube videos. There is one BIG problem with that though you have to DOWNLOAD each and every video, and then re-upload it (this can take hours)!

This software does this for you via the Facebook API.

It’s also an All in One Video Posting software for your Facebook pages.

The software also includes a number of added features such as:

– Search YouTube for new videos automatically
– Draft Post & Schedule Uploads
– Add videos to queue automatically
– Post to Facebook automatically
– Schedule with a minimum gap between posts (in minutes)

You can either use this to save time updating 1, 10 or 100+ Facebook pages you own and operate or you can do it for businesses getting paid to setup their YouTube channel so every time a business uploads a new video it will be automatically added to their Facebook page with a message and link.

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