Manage Multiple Pinterest Accounts and Automate from One Dashboard

Complete Autopilot Without ANY Advertising Cost

Pinterest is the second largest social network behind Facebook and the fastest growing where most of the buyers hangout. Blue chip companies like L.L.Bean and Amazon Inc use Pinterest to drive sales, leads and profit.

Shopify has made special integration with Pinterest so there eCommerce customers can cash in using Pinterest Social Media marketing machine.

Pinterest post or pins shared virally because Pinterest is image based but creating all these pins and posts took way too much time and reposting across your social networks became a full time job, plus, for every post you have to find or create content, download extra tools to edit images, then MANUALLY schedule every single post across MULTIPLE platforms and hope you are sending offers at the best times to make so what if there is a tool where you can manage multiple Pinterest accounts and have option to automate multiple Pinterest‘ traffic, while building powerful social backlinks so your offers get top search engine rankings.

Introducing Pindrill an artificial intelligent software to automate your social media work load on auto pilot.

Check This Tool in Action:

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Complete Autopilot Without ANY Advertising Cost:

  1. Floods of traffic with DFY content – Pindrill’s keyword search tool finds you VIRAL content in ANY niche, then automatically creates posts and shares them to social networks.
  2. Synch your blog, eCommerce stores or website content into posts that DOMINATE social media for UNLIMITED visitors to your offers and landing pages.
  3. 100% free, targeted traffic on autopilot – truly “set and forget” software keeps YOU at the top of the newsfeed of all the hottest social networks.
  4. Grow your following – “rich pin” style posts get viral shares and add engaged followers to your fan base every single day.
  5. Get Paid To Surf – built-in browser extension lets you INSTANTLY share articles and images you find online with your own links on the fly – no need to even login to the software to make bank while you’re surfing the web.
  6. NEVER pay for another ad again – tap into the web’s hottest buying traffic without paying for ads, designers and tests so you make 100% PURE PROFIT.
  7. Make cash TODAY even without a website or product – just use the dash to easily set up an affiliate or CPA offer and watch it go viral online.
  8. ZERO experience required – if you can get online, the software and training can make you money, it’s just that simple.

Manage Multiple Pinterest Accounts and Automate from One Dashboard


  1. Pindrill creates viral posts for you , embedded with your links, and automatically shares them across top social networks for flood of traffic, buyers and leads.
  2. Automated bulk upload from WP, Magento, Shopify, Blogger, Etsy & Tumbler – Pindrill automatically scrapes content from your blogs and stores and turns it into pins. Literally duplicate your entire eCommerce store or blog into viral posts to blast across social media networks.
  3. No product? No problem! Promote affiliate or CPA offers with posts the software creates for you – on the fly and inside the dash – for explosive traffic
  4. No content? No worries, Pindrill’s advanced search scours the web and delivers you viral images, infographics, quotes AND videos you can INSTANTLY share with YOUR money links.
  5. Built in scheduler – publish your posts immediately, or drip feed across your accounts with the automated scheduler for a steady flow of traffic
  6. Monetize your social media accounts – Pindrill supports all major social networks – make bank from FB, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedln, Pinterest, Instagram and more with viral posts embedded with your affiliate links, buy buttons and calls to action.
  7. FREE Search Engine Traffic – Pindrill creates powerful social media backlinks INSTANTLY to your blogs and offers, skyrocketing your ranking in the top search engines.
  8. Unlimited EVERYTHING – no limit to the number of posts, feeds or campaigns you run with the software.


Who is Pindrill for?

  1. Brand new marketers that don’t yet have their own products, stores, offers or even a budget. With Pindrill, you can promote affiliate or CPA offers using 100% free traffic for amazing results and absolutely zero risk.
  2. eCommerce vendors who need maximum exposure to their stores and offers. Pindrill will literally DUPLICATE your ENTIRE store into bite-sized posts and share it across social media for explosive results.
  3. Affiliate marketers looking to make more commissions with no extra work – just plug in your links, let the software create your posts, and watch as the traffic and sales come flooding in.
  4. CPA marketers that want to leverage the power of viral social media traffic to make hands free commissions, and stand out by sharing valuable content like infographics, videos and articles all embedded with their links.
  5. Site Owners & Bloggers after an EASY solution to build branding & exposure while increasing traffic and sales.
  6. List Builders that need targeted subscribers in any niche, and don’t want to pay for expensive ads and risky traffic sources.
  7. Amazon / AliExpress Affiliates who want to maximize earnings by sharing niche products on social media for 100% free buyer traffic.
  8. AdSense Site Owners that rely on traffic for passive monthly income. Pindrill boosts traffic to your blogs and sites on autopilot meaning more money in your pocket.
  9. Offline Marketers & Consultants that get paid for results: Pindrill drives more traffic to clients’ sites, so you can charge a premium for your services.
  10. SEO Specialists looking to create a powerful network of social media backlinks for a SUSTAINED increase in search rankings.

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