Run Live Reaction Campaigns Inside Facebook LIVE Videos with This Stunning App


The fact that Facebook’s the Holy Grail of all Social Media platforms and boasts a whooping number of over 2 billion active users worldwide, should answer that question very well. But let me go step further and tell you a story about how I discovered the phenomenal potential of Facebook Live.


So, the other day, I got a roller-brush stuck in my hair. It was, as I remember, past 2:00 on a week night and I had almost given up after making many futile efforts to untangle it. After trying almost everything out, I, for some reason, decided to seek the internet’s help (and perhaps make light of the situation). With little speculation, I went live on Facebook at about 2:30 am, with a funny looking brush blatantly protruding from my frazzled hair. At most, I expected a couple of friends to tune in and have a laugh with me. But to my surprise, within 5 minutes, I had a whooping audience of a 100 or so people; watching me trying to clumsily untangle my hair off a brush, spamming me with likes, tagging their friend, cheering for me and commenting with all kinds of solutions. Gladly, I was able to free my hair in the next hour and ended my broadcast. But people still kept watching the video and laughing for weeks. Now, I’ve shared quite a few videos on Facebook, but none of them quite received the instant attention which this single, live broadcast did. And in that fleeting moment, I came to realize Facebook Live’s remarkable reach and astounding ability to generate an audience in literal seconds.


It was no sooner that Facebook Live’s tremendous marketing potential caught the eye of tech developers around the world and they developed a revolutionary software to capitalize manifolds on Facebook Live’s marketing potential. Imagine a software which adds a ton of functionality to Live Video Broadcasting and opens doors to a horizon of lucrative possibilities. A software which looks and feels so simple to use that even a child can set it up, but packs everything an online marketer needs to make Facebook into a complete marketing platform which churns massively engaging content at the press of a button – A software by the name of Live Suite Pro!


  • Run Live Reaction Campaigns
  • Run News like Tickers
  • Send Auto Messages to people who comment
  • Run Live Videos in Premium Placeholders
  • Go live on your multiple pages and groups simultaneously
  • Schedule Live Videos (Use as Webinar)
  • Run FB Live Inside Premium Placeholders
  • Stream Pre Recorded Video as Live (OBS.)

Send Auto Messages to people who comment

Run News like Tickers


  • It means you get to create Unlimited Buzz of your Facebook Live, and in turn get hundreds and thousands of new customers daily and generate a greater revenue.
  • It means you can always keep connected to your audience and send notifications to thousands of people about your live stream engagement, so that no one ever misses an update.
  • It means you enjoy superior brand authority with high class template aesthetics which give your live streams an air of individuality and add a brand identity.
  • It means you can instantly send traffic to any of your offers and boast an engagement fifty times stronger than what you may have right now.
  • It means you can capitalize on the very many nifty features such as Automatic Messaging to efficiently convert leads into buying customers.

Check This Software in Action

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Although not everyone has the gift of Gab, but when put in front of a live camera, even the most confident and eloquent are prone to mistakes. Some may wish to review their video before making it visible to the world and others may just feel uncomfortable when faced with a camera; let alone a live video. But that’s okay, because this nifty software allows you to capitalize on Facebook Live’s phenomenal marketing potential without undergoing the nerve wrecking pressure of being live or even on-screen!

Run Stream Pre Recorded Video as Live

Want To Ensure Your Best Performance In Every FB Live?

Stream Pre-Recorded Videos As FB Live Videos With Live Suite Pro & OBS (Free Open Source for Mac/Win). Record Your Video, Edit, Optimize, Polish it to your satisfaction & Stream it Live to market your business

Not Comfortable To Show Your Face On Screen?

a) Make doodle videos using Powtoons, record screen & voice video using Camtasia or make a video using your PPT. or in any other way
b) Stream it as FB Live Video with Live Suite Pro & OBS (Free Open Source for Mac/Win) to market your business without showing your face in the live video.


In the words of Heraclitus, “The only thing constant is change” and those who resist change are left in the past as the world moves forward. Facebook Live is getting better by the day and is claimed to be a modern marketer’s best friend. So if you don’t adapt to the Current Trend, your business is likely to be trampled by the stampeding competition. Thus, you need to, without wasting a moment, get your hands on this remarkable software and capitalize on its phenomenal functionality!

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