Search Viral Content and Post on Multiple Facebook Pages and Groups in One GO


Facebook has more users than Whatsapp, Twitter and Instagram combined. So it makes SENSE for you to be dominating Facebook and make the most without even spending money on Ads.

I found the number 1 issue people simply didn’t have the time to ‘learn’ how to do things, let alone implement them efficiently every single day while running a full time business

A major issue I found is many people I speak to can get fans or clicks but are having a huge issue actually making sales.

Content is king & too many people are just ‘guessing’ what their audience will like_ if you are not
posting the ‘right type of content you will never make sales, build trust or even have your updates seen

Facebook ads are hugely valuable if you know how to do them right with the correct content and strategy, however most don’t resulting in a guessing game

Octasuite gives you the ability to find viral content in any niche from Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube and your Competitors Facebook Pages in seconds.  You can also categories content in to most viral, most liked and most recent post so you can see what’s worth for others and what doesn’t.


This web-based Facebook suite software also allows you to take that content and edit according to you need like adding “call to action” or filters etc to your images.


You can post and schedule single image into multiple Facebook pages and Facebook Groups on clicks from one dashboard. You can also use time interval to schedule bulk images and post them on Facebook Pages and Groups.

Check This Facebook Poster Tool in Action

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  1. Find Viral Content and Post on Facebook Pages and Groups in one go.
  2. Post, schedule and even drip feed to multiple fan pages & groups at once.
  3. Not only can you post to multiple Facebook Fan pages at once, you can also bulk post to Facebook groups (Even ones you are not an admin of).
  4. With your content mass posting & engaging with your audience you will be able to instantly watch your target audience engage with you LIVE.
  5. Cloud based, simply log in, find your content, hit post or schedule, close your computer & go to sleep and let it do the rest.
  6. Find the most viral groups in your niche, mass join them for you and allow you to post them in all instantly.
  7. Upload and Schedule/Post your own content
  8. Search royalty free images to post
  9. One click invite EVERYONE to like your fan page, growing your audience instantly.
  10. Search Any Fan Pages Analytics Instantly
  11. Works Even When Your Computer Is Turned Off
  12. Cloud based software (ANY PC or MAC)
  13. Automate all the updates and group posts ensuring content goes viral and user see my offer
  14. Make money every day by selling peoples affiliate products
  15. Sell your own products with spending money on Facebook ads

and much more!!


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