How to Send Unlimited Emails to Unlimited Contacts With No Monthly or Yearly Fees

If you are a new or an experience Internet Marketer with tight budget and cannot afford hefty monthly or yearly fee of email marketing and autoresponder services like GetResponse, MailChimp, iContact and Aweber etc then there is a good news for you.

1) MailX


MailX is a new Fully Cloud based email marketing software (Like GetResponse, MailChimp, iContact and Aweber) that lets you send Unlimited Emails to Unlimited Contacts with The Push Of a Button without any Monthly or Yearly fees. Now you can grow your your share of the huge and growing Email Marketing world without the need to pay hefty recurring fees and only get a lousy service that doesn’t even deliver all your mails properly and on time.

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  1. Full Email Marketing Platform With Zero Recurring Fees
  2. Unlimited lists, Unlimited Subscribers, Unlimited Emails
  3. Cloud Based Mobile Responsive Software
  4. No Downtime With Our Rock Solid Servers
  5. Schedule or Broadcast Your Emails When You Need
  6. Instant Import Contacts With No Double Opt-in or Verification
  7. Easy frag and Drop Email Editor Lets You Send Interactive Emails
  8. Built-in Templates That Improve Conversions
  9. Intelligent Spam Score Checker Makes Sure You Land The INBOX.
  10. In-Depth Detailed Analytics of your delivered emails to track how well your campaigns are performing, so you KNOW what needs to be improved
  11. List Cleaner that cleans your list professionally with just 1 click, removing duplicate & invalid emails and even verifying each email ID

In-Depth Detailed Analytics

List Cleaner

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2) MailZingo


MailZingo – World’s No.1 and Most Powerful Email Marketing Client Software that will help you generate more leads for your own business and enjoying maximum delivery. MailZingo is like setting up your own autoresponder like Aweber without paying heavy monthly fees and gives full control over Email marketing in just 3 simple steps. With MailZingo, You can import unlimited lists and make use of all other features that IM space needs.


MailZingo is completely user-friendly and will enable you to send unlimited emails as well as follow-up with your leads automatically and manage them without any complex issues. You can also see the complete real time activity of subscribers, and find out which particular campaigns are giving best results.


  • Generate more leads from any blog, e-commerce or WordPress site
  • Send unlimited mails to unlimited subscribers
  • Get mails delivered straight to INBOX
  • Have Complete Control On Your Business – don’t rely on 3rd party services
  • No need to pay Monthly Fees Forever

You need Zero Technical Skills and You can Sell your own or Affiliates Products and Services. Plus, send Relationship Mails, Newsletters etc. to everyone on your list.

Now you no longer get into deep hassles, it is completely Done-For-You, All you have to do is Simply Integrate your or Third-Party Service Providers SMTP and Have Full Control Over Your Self-Hosted Autoresponder!

How Does it Work?

So how does it work and how you too can make money with it starting today?

With their system, you’ll be getting massive spikes in your open and click through rates, and see results that you’ve never seen before.

It’s actually a VERY SIMPLE 3 step method that goes like this:

Step 1: Upload – To begin with, all you need to do is upload your subscribers into this monster without any restrictions and setup a full high-converting campaign instantly.

Upload - To begin with, all you need to do is upload your subscribers into this monster without any restrictions and setup a full high-converting campaign instantly.

Step 2: Send Mails – Gets into active mode and sends unlimited mails to your subscribers completely hands free.

Send Mails - Gets into active mode and sends unlimited mails to your subscribers completely hands free.

Step 3: Enjoy More Leads and Money – That’s it. All hard work is done. Now just sit back and relax and watch profits grow leaps and bounds.

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What makes MailZingo different from other email marketing software?

With this email marketing software, you can import your lists easily without any restrictions, easy to setup and anyone can use, regardless of prior technical experience, get complete control over your affiliate campaigns, even Get boatloads of leads with minimum time and money invested and greatly reduce spam complaints and protects your send reputation

And the Best Part is that you don’t have to spend money on email marketing service providers that cost a fortune, feel bankrupt paying money month after month, worry about bad delivery and low open rates and play the waiting game to get authentic results.


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  1. Hello, I really do like what i am reading here because I am trying for a long time to find the best way to send as many emails I can possibly do. I purchased different Mailer Programs like Bulk Mailer, Ab Bulk Mailer, Turpo Mailer and so on as well the an Email Verifier but really all this is not working the way I want because I need to but in SMTP Server and the are limited. So what you are saying here if I would own your Software it would be free.
    Perfect, get in touch with me and let´s talk about it.
    Hope to hear asap from you…
    Merry Christmas

    1. HI

      Yes its one time and then you can integrate different mail server programs like mailgun, mandaran etc and you can send an email for 0.00001


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