SendPulse: marketing platform to satisfy your business needs

Correct choice of an email marketing service means a lot – it helps to build trustful relationships with the customers, manage your business and get as much as possible out of this type of internet marketing.

SendPulse is one of these services that help to achieve the above mentioned goals. This service stands out from the competitors due to their attractive pricing plans and features available.

In this review I’ll tell how SendPulse helps to increase the performance of email campaigns. I’ll dwell on the most useful and important features, prices and SMTP Service.

SendPulse offers to combine email, web push notifications and SMS for better clients’ engagement. How? I’ll tell a bit later.

Prices for Email Service

Pricing plans of this company are really tempting. If you have a small business, you can use email service for free without strict limitations regarding the features available. Just send no more than 15,000 emails per month to less than 2,500 subscribers. For example, MailChimp offers up to 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers for free.

If you send to more than 2,499 subscribers – you pay $9.85, while in MailChimp the price is $35. So, the difference is obvious!

Probably, free tariff is the thing that attracts beginners to email marketing.

Features that Make Your Email Marketing Beneficial

Ready-made templates

People who still doubt to implement email marketing or not, think that it takes too much time to create a campaign from scratch. And this is true! But there’s no need to spend hours creating an original template – service offers 100+ beautiful email templates for different occasions and holidays. Still, if you think that using a ready-made template is not cool, you can create your own one. You don’t need to be a programmer for it. Use drag-and-drop editor!

A/B testing

If you’re looking for fresh ideas or the ways to improve your campaigns, try A/B testing! Test any element of an email that you wish: email subject line, preheader, calls to action, images, photos, GIFs, videos, fonts, size, etc. Find out the most effective variants and enjoy the results.

Automatic resend to unreads

Marketers suffer from low open rates, while SendPulse offers a great feature to increase them at once! You can activate resend to unreads when creating an email campaign. Besides, you can resend a message both by email and by a web push notification. For this purpose, create a new subject line and state the time for sending.

Email scheduler

This feature is very useful if you want to automate sending campaigns and avoid mistakes. Schedule campaigns when you need to send at non-working hours or at specific dates, holidays.

Subscription forms

Subscription forms with double opt-in help to grow your mailing lists, making subscribers aware and interested in your business. In SendPulse, you can create your own original forms or edit already made ones to your liking. Don’t miss this another chance of attracting new clients.

SMTP Service

Certainly all these features are useful and important but they can’t guarantee that your emails will reach subscribers’ inboxes. If you don’t send thousands of emails per hour, you probably don’t need SMTP service. All you need is to keep your mailing lists clean – regularly check if the email addresses are valid and discover the reasons for bounced emails. But if you deal with mass mailings – dedicated SMTP server is a thing that you need. SendPulse SMTP allows to send more than 100,000 emails per hour.

SMTP service makes users who unsubscribe get into the unsubscribers list automatically and then you can delete addresses instead of manual searching for them.

SMTP Service in SendPulse also has a free tariff – 12,000 emails are FREE.

SMTP Reputation

It is significant, because mail services decide whether an email should be delivered or not basing on the sender’s reputation. SendPulse cares about email delivery, using reliable servers, dedicated IP addresses and regular email deliverability tracking.

Dedicated IP address

You can send email campaigns through a dedicated IP. Thus, you won’t depend on other people who may send spam. With a dedicated IP your sender’s reputation will depend only on your activities and there are few chances that your emails will be in spam folders. By the way, SendPulse team promises to monitor IP addresses and make sure they are not blacklisted.


Sender can be verified in SendPulse with the help of cryptographic signatures – SPF and DKIM. They are kind of an alibi proving that email campaigns are sent really from your domain.

Statistics and Reports

After sending an email campaign, you can find out its metrics like number of sent emails, conversions, click-through rate and error statistics that will help you improve and work on your mistakes.

This is SMTP Service in the Member’s Area of SendPulse. Here you can create DKIM and SPF records, track statistics, mailing history, delivery errors, list of your unsubscribers.

If you have difficulties while working with a service, contact their support team via live chat, phone or email. Besides, you can find guides oh how to configure DKIM or create an SPF record in the Knowledge Base of the service.

Try SendPulse to discover the benefits of email marketing!

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