How To Spy Competitor’s Instagram, Facebook Feed and Video Ads


Getting success with Facebook and Instagram ads needs a lot of split testing and reverse engineering. Most of the time advertisers(specially new) ends up losing money.

What if you reverse engineer successful ad campaigns from database of thousands of old and live ads profitable Instagram, Facebook Feed and Video ads from more than 40 countries with detailed stats you can replicate on your ad campaigns.


Adsvisor2 is a web-based application that spy and find profitable Facebook and Instagram video ads,news feed ads and right side ad campaigns. It also let’s your subscribers find Hidden Facebook Niches and TOP Profitable Facebook ads campaigns to replicate and dominate eCommerce, Shopify, TeeSpring or just about any type of market or niche with FB traffic

Check this tool in action:

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What you can do with Adsvisor2:

  1. Spy on your competitors Facebook and Instagram ads
  2. Get clear data on what’s driving likes, shares and comments
  3. Easily create winning and profitable Facebook and Instagram ads campaigns even if you have no experience at all
  4. “Why I’m seeing this” feature – What type ads are using (Retargeting, Targeting campaigns) and what interests they’re using for their targeting campaigns. Also, the exact age ranges that advertiser is targeting.
  5. Database of Profitable and Engaging Instagram ads
  6. Ads filter including Placements, Demographics, Industries, Emotions, Gender, Countries, Date Range, Age Range, Ad Engagement and more.
  7. Over half a million profitable ads database and growing fast.
  8. User friendly experience and intuitive design.
  9. Targeted niches other marketers are going after
  10. Even the landing pages they are leading people to
  11. Ads other marketers are running and follow their ads
  12. Ads notification option allows you to ads any keyword you wish and get notification
  13. Find viral posts on Facebook and Instagram.
  14. Sell anything on Facebook and never loose a dime trying to test ads – simply reverse engineer what’s already working

And much More 🙂

Adviser2 gives your customers a very broad view of the market and niches, so that they wouldn’t miss the best hot niches and can easily replicate other profitable ad campaigns for their TeeSpring campaigns, Shopify campaigns or for any niche traffic.

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