Step Up Your Social Media Marketing Game with This Pinterest Automation Software

Social Media, for many, is a great way to stay connected with the world. For some, it is an instant source of entertainment and even acquiring information (or misinformation). But, for Business moguls and Internet Marketers, Social Media is more of a lucrative resource- a treasure trove of prospect clients and a sea of monetizable opportunities. However, of recent times, competition on most social media platforms like Facebook and twitter has remarkably increased with business big, small, near and far, trying to get a slice of this cake. It seems there’s little novelty left to the idea anymore and it makes one wonder if there’s still a way for new and emerging business owners and marketers cash in; find a largely untapped social media platform with a sea of prospect buyers and little or no competition?


Pinterest in its developers own words, is the world’s catalog of ideas. It is an image-based social network where everyday millions of people turn to find and share new ideas, like a recipe to cook, an outfit to try or a place to visit. It is regarded as the fastest growing network and the second largest after Facebook. But what makes Pinterest so great for a marketer is the fact that it is full of prospect buyers and boasts practically zero competition. And that’s exactly what makes it better and more profitable than Facebook, twitter or perhaps any social media network out there.


Facebook is undoubtedly huge and definitely a resource but the fact of the matter is, it doesn’t offer a very large playing field for new and emerging businesses. If you consider your target audience and compare it to Facebook’s reach, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that most of Facebook’s users are not prospect buyers ready to spend cash, but there for mere fun and games. Moreover, with the amount of traffic Facebook boasts, leads to insane competition which in-turn results in wallet burning advertising costs. Fundamentally, Facebook is not a website meant for growing a business and it is a mere offshoot. Thus their policies are not relatively equipped to cater a marketer or a blooming business and your account is more than likely to be shut-down for almost no reason at all.


Pinterest, in more ways than one, is the perfect place for new and emerging business and for internet marketers to sell and advertise products and services to millions of prospect buyers.

How does that stack up against other social networks? Let’s consult the statistics to find out:

Pinterest has over 100 million active users, 70 million of which log on every day- for an average of close to 15 minutes per login. And unlike other social networks, 70% of those active users are actually BUYERS- looking to purchase every day. We’re talking average purchases ranging between $140-180 per order. If those number don’t convince you enough, let me have you know that those buyers are not cheap. Which is to say that 60% of Pinterest traffic comes from US’s top tiers and 28% of users boast household incomes of $ 100000 and above. So they sure have a lot of money to burn and aren’t likely to think twice before spending on your business!


By now, I believe Pinterest already seems like an internet marketer’s dream. But what if I tell you there’s more? Imagine Pinterest on steroids! Imagine Artificial Intelligence built into your Pinterest experience- Imagine a complete Pinterest Automation and Multiple Pinterest Management Software, that does everything for you while you sit back and relax?

Step Up Your Social Media Marketing Game with This Pinterest Automation Software

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m talking about! Where Pinterest is no less than great, it still, like other social networks, requires one to devote time and effort in constantly creating, curating and posting niche related content before any results are reached. And not everyone, and especially those overwhelmed with the pressure of setting up a new business, have the time for.

But every internet marketer’s prayers were answered when a group of Tech Developers got together and came up with Pindrill– A revolutionary software which completely automates your Pinterest experience and does everything from content curation to post scheduling and management with immediate results and no effort. I doubt if there’s anything quite like it, and simply put, it is the best Pinterest automation software available right now.


This amazing software isn’t only confined to automatic Pinterest posting and is actually equipped with a whole arsenal of powerful features which are bound to help you make money in literal seconds.
Here’s a quick run-down of some notable features and everything you can do with them:

Advanced Image Editor

About as good as Photoshop without the learning curve, this powerful editor allows you to any image as per your whims and fancy.

Advanced Image Editor

Built-In Link Cloaking

It’s all about directing traffic to your offers. This allows you to add your links to any post, and the software will cloak them so that they are accessible on any and every social media platform.

Royalty Free Content Access

Royalty Free Infographics, templates and editor at your disposal, so that you can always effortlessly post engaging and viral content.

Royalty Free Content Access

Live Analytics and Results

Helps you keep track and scale profits by following every campaign, post and social network result.

Live Analytics and Results

Cloud Based Software

Enables it to work on any platform and any device, thus accessible everywhere you go.

Full Training

Although using this software requires no learning curve and is as easy as ABC, you still get a comprehensive, user-friendly user guide equipped with tutorial videos so that you never get stuck!
So whether you are a new marketer, e-commerce vendor, Amazon affiliate, list builder or site owner or blogger, this is the software for you! Quit wasting time and effort on Facebook and other exhausted social media platforms and grab this software right now to start making the most of Pinterest’s untapped resources!

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