Target your Narrow Audience with Facebook Ads

There are tons of ads network but when it comes to target narrow audience Facebook ads is the only best available method to laser target your audience. Today I’m gonna explain to reach your narrow audience with lower CPC.

1. Graph Search for your narrow audience

So before start targeting you need to collect the data of your audience. lets take an example, you are arranging an event for your college alumni and you need to hit all the alumni with an ad whom you don’t really know and there is no other way around you can reach them. Facebook has a cool feature “Graph Search”, with graph search you can find all the alumni of your college using a single query

Graduates of [Your College Name Here] in [Year of Graduation]

Screenshot 2014-10-22 01.31.30


2. Scrape emails from the graph search data.

Facebook has an option “custom audience” where you can targeted your narrow audience using their phone number, uids or emails but in our case we are able to scrape their Facebook emails. There are alot of ways for scraping their emails on automation you can code your own scraping script or try to Google  for any handy tool.

Screenshot 2014-10-22 01.51.41

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3. Upload Facebook emails in to custom audience

Now upload all the scrape emails into custom audience section in Facebook ad Manager, choose data type as “Emails” and click “Create Audience” button.

Screenshot 2014-10-22 01.56.37

Thanks for Creating a Custom Audience

4. You are ready to create ad campaign

Now all you need to do is go and create  ad campaign and choose your “IU Alumni” data file under Custom Audiences option and do rest of things as per your requirements.

You are ready to create ad campaign


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