Transform Your Facebook Page Messenger Like an Email Autoresponder

Automating Facebook Messenger marketing by transforming your Facebook account into your very own Autoresponder. Now you can use Facebook messenger to build lists,schedule messages or promotion and broadcast messages to your subscribers by using ChatResponse.

facebook autoresponder message

ChatResponse is a cloud-based Facebook autoresponder message software that lets you take the ultimate advantage of the Facebook messenger app for your business with chat response you can build target Lists right inside of Facebook in any nation and then send your subscribers unlimited messages, promotion and links directly through Facebook private messaging with 100% deliver rate.

Check Facebook Messenger Autoresponder in Action

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facebook autoresponder smart autopilot marketing

facebook messenger autoresponder

You can fully automate your customer support when people reached out, they can receive automatic messages giving them the answers they need. Increase sales and profits with your messages with your messages seen promos and special deals to your entire subscriber list instantly with no cost like email autoresponders.


1) Any Facebook user that sends a private message to your fan page will automatically be added to your subscriber list, so you can follow up with them.

2) Send updates and promo offers from anywhere in the world, never be tied down to your desk again to cash in on an offer with zero ongoing costs..

3) Instantly reply to support questions, send follow-ups and direct users to your next special deal.

4) Instantly create targeted lists built from raving fans already engaged with your content.

5) Turn your posts into list generation machines that attract targeted fans to your content, posts and promos.

6) Broadcast specifically to subscribers that didn’t open your last message and re-engage users to make sure every lead hears about your offers

7) Send broadcasts, one-time automated follow-ups or ENTIRE follow-up sequences to subscribers – automate your customer support and promotional strategy.

8) Send broadcasts with links, automated replies and complete follow-up sequences all from within the dashboard.

9) Automate customer support – set up messages to automatically reply to subscribers with support questions, and redirect them to a support url for immediate assistance

Update: ChatResponse is closed for new customer please check this latest Facebook software with more features: LetSocify

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